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Was recently commissioned to make a 5″-9″ plushie of Daryl Dixon, actor Norman Reedus, from the tv show The Walking Dead. He’s not in the comics, sadly, and I hope this will one day change :) I used reference from the tv show and his action figure.

Anyway, I was asked to make him in his plaid shirt with crossbow and a string of 3 squirrels (all removeable from the string.). It was pretty fun to work on :3 This is the finished version for now~

Enjoying The Walking Dead tv show on AMC?

How about taking a Daryl Dixon keycharm with you on your zombie hunting adventures (aka school, work, etc). Norman Reedus even has these as a gift from me :3

I currently have 2 designs available:
- Daryl and a squirrel
- Daryl and his crossbow 
(and if you loved Norman in Boondock Saints, how about a Murphy MacManus?) 

Note: Ambitious Love Boutique is closing to all new orders on November 17th, 2012 and won’t reopen until January 2nd, 2013.