I was cleaning up my bookshelf to paint tomorrow, and I was shuffling through my old sketchbooks. Since I saw the X-Men cartoon when I was 10, my dream was draw comics. In college, I spent a lot of time drawing a comic called “Asterisk”.¬†

Tare (Lead vocalist) = Rainbow hair girl
Nara (Lead guitar/backup vocals) = Black choppy hair
Kamja (Drummer) = Pink Hair
Mae (Bassist) = Blonde
Salsal (Guitar) = not pictured 

Plot wasn’t complicated: A metal all-girl group, Asterisk, recruits a new lead guitarist (who’s a taxi driver by day), named Nara. The drummer, Kamja, has a brother named Soo, who’s in a metalcore band, Heartstrings. Soo has a heart condition and their family can’t afford a transplant. Asterisk makes the decision to be the band for a popular boy band in order to make the money. Comic goes over romance, being accused of selling out, and drinking (and bad decisions).

The blonde kids are Asterisk’s groupies. The boy’s name is Two, the girl is One (they’re twins).

(Source: ambitiouslove.deviantart.com)

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